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Did you know that 27% of businesses consider themselves to be “new” when it comes to marketing automation? While more and more companies are adopting marketing automation, very little understand the purpose of marketing automation and how to use these tools effectively. Marketing automation really is a tough nut to crack! To help you out we have been blogging about marketing automation for the past few weeks (you can find the posts here). We have explained what marketing automation is, its relevance to the sales funnel and some mistakes to avoid. Today is the day when you test everything you learned.  Do you consider yourself a marketing automation expert or a clueless “automator”? Take our spooky marketing automation quiz below to find out your true power.

Are you prepared to take our marketing automation quiz?


Marketing automation can be a tricky subject to understand, but it is also very important in today’s modern world. Rest assure that marketing automation is not another buzzword. It is the future of marketing and is here to stay. Businesses not making use of marketing automation risk falling behind and losing out on lead generating opportunities and sales. Is it time for your company to create a solid marketing automation strategy? Contact our digital marketing consultants for some extra guidance.

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