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Marketing Automation 2018 Report: Do You Really Know What It Is?Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation 2018 Report: Do You Really Know What It Is?
June 04th, 2018

Have you heard of marketing automation? And if you have, can you define the term “marketing automation” clearly in your head? According to Liana Technologies (2017) the biggest barrier to marketing automation adoption is knowledge. To some this might be a surprising statement, especially with so many blog posts, webinars and resources out there on such topic. However as interest for marketing automation rises, it seems that actual adoption of marketing automation is at a halt. A report by Digital Capital Advisors (2015) found that in a survey of 220,000 small businesses (approx. annual revenue of £3 - £14 million), only 5% used marketing automation tools. This very statistic suggests the lag in adoption, particularly in small businesses. To solve this issue, we conducted a survey between the end of 2017 and early 2018 to uncover how much businesses really know about marketing automation and what is it about marketing automation that is so confusing.

5 Ways Marketing Automation Makes GDPR Compliance EasyMarketing Automation
5 Ways Marketing Automation Makes GDPR Compliance Easy
April 06th, 2018

Many people are under the impression that marketing automation is just spam. And spam is a big deal, especially with GDPR being enforced in under 2 months. If you are one of these people, then think again! Marketing automation is only spam when used wrongly. In the right hands, marketing automation can truly be a powerful tool for all companies. And using a marketing automation tool will not, I repeat will NOT break the rules highlighted in the new GDPR regulation. And here are 5 ways marketing automation takes the pain out of GDPR compliance.

Marketing Automation Plugins Or Software: Which Is Better?Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation Plugins Or Software: Which Is Better?
December 12th, 2017

According to a report by Marketo and Ascend (2015), 42% of companies use a marketing automation platform, compared to 54% using a CRM and 82% using email marketing technology. This stat alone suggests a certain amount of scepticism towards the adoption of marketing automation software compared to other options on the market. A common alternative for most businesses is turning to plugins to automate their marketing activities. If you have an e-commerce site, you might have noticed all the plugins or apps available. For example the Push Monkey app for Shopify users or using cart abandonment lite for Woocommerce. And who can blame them? At first glance, plugins seem to be the much easier and cheaper option to take. However are plugins really worth the money and in the long-term are they better or worse than purchasing a dedicated marketing automation tool, like Hubspot or Active Campaign.

12 Days of Marketing Automation: Tips for Using Marketing Automation ToolsMarketing Automation
12 Days of Marketing Automation: Tips for Using Marketing Automation Tools
December 05th, 2017

Christmas is coming and now seems to be the perfect time to start posting about Christmas without being frowned on! 2017 has been a major year for developments in the world of marketing automation. Marketers have learned that marketing automation tools expand beyond scheduling social media posts and trigger-based emails. They enable businesses to nurture relationships, analyse customer behaviour and offer a personalised experience with limited resources. To end the year, here are 12 tips for using marketing automation tools during the Christmas season.

Marketing Automation Quiz: Horrors of AutomationsMarketing Automation
Marketing Automation Quiz: Horrors of Automations
October 30th, 2017

Did you know that 27% of businesses consider themselves to be “new” when it comes to marketing automation? While more and more companies are adopting marketing automation, very little understand the purpose of marketing automation and how to use these tools effectively. Marketing automation really is a tough nut to crack! To help you out we have been blogging about marketing automation for the past few weeks (you can find the posts here). We have explained what marketing automation is, its relevance to the sales funnel and some mistakes to avoid. Today is the day when you test everything you learned. Do you consider yourself a marketing automation expert or a clueless "automator"? Take our spooky marketing automation quiz below to find out your true power.

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