Get Guidance. Elevate Your Marketing

Did you know that you could be achieving 4,200% ROI on your email marketing campaigns alone?
But many businesses never witness these impressive results, simply because they don’t know how to develop the right strategy and then implement it.

It’s time to shake things up and start being one of the success stories.
Outsource to our marketing consultant today.

Outsource Your Digital Marketing Strategy to a Professional

You understand the incredible power of digital marketing. Yet it feels like no matter what you try, you aren’t getting the results that you deserve.

Your Facebook posts barely get noticed, your email marketing open rates are disappointing, and you often feel like you’re just spending money that your business can’t afford with little ROI.

Perhaps you don’t have the necessary skills or experience to make it work. Or digital marketing technology and trends are changing too rapidly and you just can’t keep up. Or you just aren’t sure how to develop the right digital marketing strategy for your business needs and get results.

Here at KDM, we can help. With our team of digital marketing strategists, social experts and technical professionals, we can help you crush your goals.

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Outsource Your Marketing Strategy to our Expert Marketing Consultant

We can help you better assess and understand your customers and develop winning strategies to help you reach your goals whilst staying authentic to your message. Whatever the business opportunity, we can find and exploit it to deliver maximum ROI and growth.

Unlike a traditional marketing agency or freelancer, we can slot right into your organisation and create the right marketing strategy for you.

Your existing in-house marketing staff can then implement actions such as posting to social media and writing the marketing copy under our guidance. We can take care of various technical tasks such as email marketing and creating automations.

For this to work effectively, it’s important that you have somebody in-house to do ‘the doing’.
We will be there to guide throughout the process and provide the level of expertise and insight you need.

We can then conduct a monthly face to face or view meeting to review the performance metrics (KPIs) and discuss the month’s activities. If tweaks or adjustments need to be made, we can add them to the overall strategy.

KDM Marketing Consultant: What You Get

  • A ½ day consultant meeting and then 2 whole days working with the remote team
  • A detailed marketing strategy and plan that includes a roadmap to identify and develop tactics and activities required to meet the business objectives
  • A ½ day meeting to review the month and discuss activities for the following month




If this sounds interesting to you why not book a call with one of our experts?

The call will be for just 30 minutes where we’ll discuss your situation and what your next steps should be.