Advanced Marketing Automation That Lets You Do Less and Achieve More

Optimise your entire customer experience with affordable digital marketing automation technology that gets your customers engaged and keeps them coming back.

Boost Efficiency.
Improve Customer Experience.
Accelerate Engagement & Sales

KDM’s digital marketing software simplifies and optimises your marketing efforts so you can achieve more for less.

By sending personalised marketing messages to your unique customers when they need to hear them, you could boost sales by up to 14.5% and reduce your marketing overhead by 12.2%.

You’ll connect with your audience in a meaningful way and build trust at every stage of the sales funnel.


What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation uses innovative software technology to automate marketing activities in an authentic and personalised way. This allows you to attract, convert and retain customers and stand out in a highly competitive marketplace.

Your business marketing automation strategy could include:

       Email marketing: Send thank you notes, event updates and purchase confirmations automatically.

       Social media marketing: Grow your online fan base and boost engagement with automated social media posts and campaigns.

       eCommerce: Encourage extra purchases or convert abandoned carts into sales.

       Lead magnets: specially designed online content to attract leads to your mailing list and business.

       CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integration and lead management: Track, manage and optimise data and automations so that you can target your marketing efforts more effectively.

       Customer onboarding: welcome new customers to your company and explain next steps.

Use KDM’s marketing automation and you will simplify your marketing efforts, boost efficiency, and give your customers a more personalised experience.


Features include

  • Targeted landing pages
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) & segmentation
  • Customer scoring
  • 300+ email templates
  • Automation recipes
  • Bespoke automations
  • Predictive sending
  • Automated marketing & sales flows
  • Website & Marketing Personalisation
  • Conversations
  • Customer Experience Journeys


Powerful multi-platform integration

Create a powerful digital marketing platform that integrates with software you are already using so you can get started and see results faster.

This includes platforms such as Calendly, Xero, Adobe, Google, and Facebook to re-engage cold leads, upsell to customers and lower cart abandonment. Contact us to find out more.

Flexible pricing plans to suit the needs of your business

We understand that every business is unique. That’s why we’ve created a range of digital marketing automation plans that help you attract, nurture, and convert your ideal customers, even if you have limited resources.

Prices start at just £79 per month. Discover our packages and pricing here.

Help & support when you need it most

Need a customised strategy? Extra training? Expedited phone, live chat, and email support?

Whatever your needs, we have a business marketing support and training solution for you.

With a dedicated account rep, live chat and email-based technical support in the UK time zone and one on one training, you know you’re in safe hands with KDM.



If this sounds interesting to you why not book a call with one of our experts?

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