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5 tips for creating facebook Dynamic Ads

Facebook dynamic ads (originally called dynamic product ads) were originally launched in early 2015. Before the release of dynamic ads if you had an e-commerce site with thousands of products, targeting your audiences was a real challenge. You would have had to set up different ads to target different customer segments. While this was an effective way of promoting your products, it was extremely time-consuming. The introduction of dynamic ads means that you can promote your entire catalogue of products on Facebook without having to change or configure each ad to tailor your different customer segments. Facebook dynamic ads aim to show the right people, the right products from your catalogue automatically. Therefore improving conversion rates and saving time for businesses!

How do Facebook Dynamic ads work?

In a nutshell, dynamic ads show different ads to different customer groups based on their interaction with your website. There are two key components that enable dynamic ads to work. The first is the Facebook audience pixel and the second is the feed showing your products. You add the Facebook pixel to your website and it passes data to Facebook, such as visitors, page and products your customers engage with. This then allows Facebook to dynamically create personalised ads for each user. With a little configuration, you can even exclude products that the user has already purchased from your site.

Dynamic ads originally worked by reminding customers of products they have already interacted with or shown interest in. But as Facebook has grown over the years, dynamic ads have also become more advanced. Today, you can target users based on their interests, behaviours and whether they match your company’s buyer personas or not. With all the data available on Facebook, combined with the data from your website, dynamic ads are one the most effective ways to promote your company’s products.

  • 5 tips for creating facebook Dynamic Ads

It’s easy enough to just place dynamic ads on Facebook. But to make sure you get the most from your dynamic ad campaigns, try following these 5 tips for creating Facebook dynamic ads:

1. Double check your pricing and availability

This might be an obvious one, but so many people forget to update their pricing or stock availability on their ads. Forgetting to check something as crucial as this, not only damages your reputation but also could lose you valuable sales. We advise always double checking your pricing and asking another person to take a look before starting your dynamic ad campaign.

2. Make sure your pictures are high quality

So many businesses make the rookie mistake of using low-quality images in their ad. After spending so much time on other elements of the ad campaign, they seem to neglect image choice. Using high-quality images is essential to your dynamic ad campaign, as they can greatly improve the conversion rates of your ads. To make your images stand out, you can try showing multiple angles of the product or showing key attributes (i.e. logos, pricing and product information). And even using a model to showcase the product in all it’s glory. And if you’re really clever, you could try adding customer reviews and promotional messaging, such as a limited offer or free shipping on your ad.

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3. Don’t show new visitors dynamic ads

It’s pointless to show new visitors, who have not visited your website or are not aware of your brand, dynamic ads. As it’s likely you won’t have enough data on them to know which product to show them or if they even are your customers. Instead, try other methods of advertising to raise awareness of your brand and click through rate to your website.

4. Up-sell to new customers

If a customer has recently bought from you and had a good experience, they are likely to buy again. This is your chance to target these customers immediately after purchase on Facebook. You can show them similar products or higher priced products to motivate them to buy products from you.

5. Cross-sell to existing customers

Facebook dynamic ads could be a great way of reminding your past customers of your offering. Since they have already made a purchase from you, this indicates that they are likely to buy again. After all, it’s easier to convert an old customer than to gain a new one! To get the most out of these customers you can show them products that match their interests and likes encouraging them to buy again.

6. Final Thoughts on creating Facebook Dynamic Ads

Using Facebook dynamic ads is not as simple as you think. It’s one thing to promote your products, but another to create fully dynamic ads that reflect your customer’s behaviour. Facebook dynamic ads have clear benefits to businesses and are the future of online advertising. The real question is have you considered implementing a Facebook dynamic campaign for your company? Contact our digital marketing consultants to get more information on implementing dynamic campaigns for your company.

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