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It can be easy to lose focus and let your marketing wander off in another direction. That’s why we created our part time virtual Marketing Director package. They are your personal marketing director who provides ongoing support and input into your marketing planning decisions. They attend board meetings, recommend on top-level decisions and ensure your objectives are being met. 

You would be working with a team who consistently deliver spectacular results, who have also developed a breadth of knowledge in creating fully optimised and converting digital marketing strategies for all types of companies.

Your part time Marketing Director will work with you for as much or as little as you wish from 2 days per month. They will work with your internal teams to empower them to deliver your tailored marketing plan and will train, support, mentor and coach as necessary. 

Never lose sight of your objectives again with our result-driven part time virtual Marketing Director.


The Road Map to Success is carried out right at the start of working with a new client. It is a cost-effective planning exercise which guarantees great results and higher return on investment for your digital marketing activity. The Road Map To Success includes:

  • Digital Marketing Audit
    KDM reviews both your internal environment (company resources, structure and processes) and external (global economy, technological changes, cultural and legal issues). This includes reviewing all your past marketing activity, including a website and social media audit, to assess your previous results. Once all this data has been collected, along with our suggestions, we will send you a comprehensive report and schedule a meeting to discuss our findings.
  • In-depth Research & Analysis
    Good, solid research is the secret to any winning digital marketing strategy. KDM takes research very seriously – We not only dig into your direct competitors activity, but also look at your industry to discover opportunities for your company. This includes a thorough brand analysis of how you can differentiate yourself in the marketplace. As well as a target persona report based on extensive research and customer data and target market analysis which shows the most profitable target market for your company.
  • Marketing Plan Creation
    Using advanced tools and the data collected, we are able to create a sophisticated marketing plan outlining areas such as; target market selection, objectives and KPI’s, content strategy and marketing channel selection. We make sure that your marketing plan is feasible, by detailing budget, timings and resource requirements. This way you have a clear roadmap to follow when it comes to achieving your company goals.
  • Implementation Support
    Developing a winning digital marketing plan is one thing, but implementing it successfully is a whole different story. To help you stay focused, KDM offer a bespoke implementation support service, where our team of digital marketing consultants can offer ideas, advice and training on different areas of your digital marketing. This not only helps you and your team stay on track, but also ensures that you are meeting your goals and deadlines.
  • Reporting and Monitoring
    We regularly keep track of your performance through weekly KPI monitoring and monthly reports analysing your performance. Regular monitoring helps us to identify areas for improvements and your successes. This is really important in a digital dynamic landscape. For example; one week you might experience a record high, while the next a slump in sales. Keeping a keen eye on performance helps us to see what’s working and what’s not, so we can adapt and optimize your marketing strategy for best results.

The Road Map to Success can also be taken as a bounded piece of work which can be used by your own team. Contact us for more information.

Have you been disappointed by the big promises made by previous marketing agencies who have not delivered? We NEVER promise what we can’t deliver.

We are creative thinkers backed by technology, tools, expertise and a proven track record. We heavily invest in our team’s development through R &D to make sure we are always up to date with the latest technology, best practices. Using this expertise means we can confidently create new processes to drive our clients’ businesses forward.

We measure, review and optimise to make sure our clients are always moving in the right direction and not wasting time and money on areas that don’t work for their business.

We don’t work with everyone we meet, so before we jump right in, we should meet either face to face or by phone to make sure we are a fit. Take advantage of our free strategy clinic, in just an hour we can find out more about your company and your strategic direction. By the end of the hour we will know if we want to work together or not. If we decide not to – we part no hard feelings. You will be clear about the next steps you need to take.

No catch – nothing to lose but everything to gain Request a Call back today.

“I am a recent startup business and spoke to Karen about ways to improve my efficency, visibility and also how to convert the interest I have been getting into genuine sales. She was incredibly helpful and over the course of the conversation and gave me some very insightful pointers about improving my social media presence and sales strategy which I have already started implementing. I have further activities which involve both short, medium and long term goals which I will definitely implement and I will stay in touch for further guidance for sure.”

– Didier Penine

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If this sounds interesting to you why not book a call with one of our experts? The call will be for just 30 minutes where we’ll discuss your situation and what your next steps should be.

“ I had an excellent 1 to 1 session with Karen.  Her strategic advice was invaluable and has helped me to feel more focused moving forward with my digital marketing.  I found her calm manner and ability to think outside the box useful. I have no hesitation in recommending Karen to you. ”

– Anna Goodwin
a week ago

Our 100% Guarantee

If you follow the plan agreed mutually and you don’t double your results within the first 12 months, you will get a full refund of our fee and we will donate to a charity of your choice.


Full Pricing Table

The table below shows monthly prices based on the size of your contact list. Note that these prices do not include the base price of setting the software up. If you have any questions or need help, please contact our team.
Contacts List Lite Lite+ Business
Up to 1,000 £65 p/m £95 p/m N/A
1,001 to 2,500 £75 p/m £117 p/m £145 p/m
2,501 to 5,000 £90 p/m £157 p/m £195 p/m
5,001 to 10,000 £115 p/m £217 p/m £277 p/m
10,001 to 25,000 £177 p/m £375 p/m £495 p/m