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“Email Marketing is Dead.” — Is this true or false?

Some decades ago, Nietzsche, the great German philosopher declared with a remarkable conviction— “God is Dead.” A claim that caused serious upheavals in Western philosophy, inspiring the formation of a whole new body of thought. Although nowhere near in logical prowess, sceptics among marketers have been claiming the death of email marketing for some time now.

In this regard, the rising popularity of other marketing channels and/or methods have been used as a supporting argument. For some, social media is replacing email, and several articles have already been written to establish this point. Nonetheless, 99% of people check their emails every day. Indeed, this statistic is enough to refute the claim. However, it is also not hard to see why email marketing is a go-to option for marketing campaigns, for many.

Email Marketing IS NOT DEAD!

Many believe that email is an outdated, irrelevant means of engagement, lead generation, and prospect nurturing, which a wide array of other channels are now replacing—shiny new toys for people who believe these will truly make a difference and make their lives simpler and easier. These are the channels that are the next big thing to communicate with your customers. Today, several industry trends and roll-outs of prognostics remain incomplete without certain “expert predictions” about the demise of email marketing. However, such claims are exaggerated, to say the least, and to be honest, utterly misguided.

In fact, the situation is quite the contrary as emails are a direct way for marketers to engage, segment, nurture, and convert leads. In this regard, email marketing has become all the more necessary in this age of personalization and one-to-one marketing communications.

Having said that, the fact remains that some aspects, strategies, or forms of email marketing are indeed dead and in the past. Moreover, using email marketing properly is not an easy task—it requires dedication and precision. A reason why some experts are so quick to jump to conclusions about email marketing’s demise is that, if not properly done, customers can quite easily tune you out. While it’s difficult to recognise execution errors and to put in the resources required for success, it’s quite easy to chalk up failed email campaigns on a fundamentally outdated and flawed approach.

In all, to simply answer the question of whether email marketing is dead—absolutely not. The need, however, is to play to the channel’s strengths: direct communication, segmentation, automation, and the meticulous crafting of every campaign so as to engage the audience.

Why does email marketing still matter?

It’s quite safe to say, and most marketers out there will definitely agree, there are very many channels jostling for your attention. Yet, you cannot sleep on emails because there is no channel better suited for directly engaging and converting potential customers into viable sales prospects. What’s so great about email marketing? Let’s look at these facts.

It’s reliable and direct

While social media platforms are terrific engagement tools, you can never be too sure of the fact that specific users will see your messages and posts unless they are tagged. With specially crafted and curated email lists you can rest assured that your communications will reach your target group or ideal customer. In other words, it will land in their inbox.

Nowadays, email clients have become well-versed in separating legitimate communications from spam. Thus, if properly curated, your outreach emails are less likely to end up in the trash folder. In fact, around 85% of all brand communications actually reach the recipient’s inbox. Therefore, the odds, we would say, are in your favour.

Email Marketing ensures massive ROI

It undoubtedly gives you the biggest bang for your buck. On average, marketers can expect their strategy to generate $42 per $1 they spend. Shocking, right? We agree! Recently, many organizations that are seeing revenue increases view email, as their top-notch marketing channel, driving that positive change and growth. Most of them would agree that their email marketing strategies are effective. If you are not seeing these results, you might be doing it wrong. That’s okay because we’ve got your back and can help to bring your strategy back to life.

What doesn’t work anymore?

At this point, we all know that not just email campaigns but marketing as a whole can no longer embrace an ‘en masse’ mentality. The era of generic messages, mass communication, and shallow sales pitches is fading. Email marketing techniques and tools have also evolved and become more sophisticated.

Recipients now expect quality, personalized experience. Emails with generic content that targets larger audiences with no personalization (and we just don’t mean their first name) are likely to find no momentum. It’s time for savvy marketers to look for ways to implement the abundance of modern email marketing trends in order to enhance and revitalize their marketing efforts.

What works?

There are a handful of things you can do for your email marketing campaigns to make the difference between a successful email marketing campaign and an unsuccessful campaign.

Develop Your brand

Nothing should stop marketers from harnessing effective strategies to humanize and legitimise brands, making them more relatable to consumers. Email offers an ideal format for efforts like these as companies can facilitate their brands and curate their online reputation through a direct line of communication with their audience. You can build your authority within your niche, demonstrate your credibility, highlight real-world results, and in all, retain your audience’s attention.

Incorporate Media

Videos are the best tools out there right now and embedding them directly into emails can significantly boost click-through rates. Do so wisely, however. Add video to the body of the mail to provide appropriate information that is not just text or static based and make sure you use an inviting/engaging thumbnail for the video.

Form Relationships

The modern consensus is that emails must be customised and personalised for the recipient to nurture a relationship that is healthy, profitable, and long-lasting in every way possible. Populate your content with personalized questions that apply only to your particular niche.

Leverage the power of modern analytics to segment your email list to ensure that only the most relevant information is reaching each subscriber. Whatever you do, craft your emails with the ongoing relationship with your audience in mind. The idea is less email marketing blasts and more personalized communications. Marketing automation allows for well-defined steps along with conditions and behavioural actions determining who receives what and when.

A Parting Word on Email Marketing

Email is a core element of the marketing arsenal. As of now, nothing can question its effectiveness and relevance, except outdated practices. Marketing and technology have changed drastically in the past few years and buyers have evolved as well. Yet, emails remain one of the most cost-effective ways of reaching prospects, and in fact, the most personal advertising medium.

At KDM, we bring in years of expertise to help you overcome challenges of your email marketing campaigns. Our marketing automation services can help put buyer journeys together so that you can send more personalised and segmented emails to the customers. Our stellar automations help customers and their prospects through their buyer journeys. To add, you can easily send bulk, personalized emails, while we ensure that you can easily manage your contact list, track the performance of your email marketing campaigns, and also segment users into groups diligently.

Above all, we work with the most agile and creative minds to ensure your email campaigns are compelling and do not end up in the spam folder. Make sense of all the marketing tedium, boost your revenue, and cut through the noise with marketing smarter. Book a call for a marketing automation demo and take your marketing to the next level.