Tripled Their Website Revenue in 12 Months - KDM

Tripled Their Website Revenue in 12 Months

A family run business based in the West Midlands with over 1,000 products approached KDM to help them with their marketing.

The Challenge

In early 2017 their business hit a slump, their company sales were declining fast and they had lost market share. The decline in sales would be a threat to the 25 staff they employed. Through a quick Google search and an advertisement on social media they found KDM and enlisted our help. Ultimately, they wanted a way to significantly increase their company sales and a way to get back to their best position in 2016 (The year they made their highest turnover).


In the past they had relied upon offline sales at their showroom to drive revenue. They even had queues of people waiting outside their showroom everytime they had massive sales. However, in recent times these offline sales have declined, as more and more customers are now going online to make a purchase. In fact, 54% of millenials make their purchases online (Pure360). And by 2040, experts predict that 95% of purchases will be facilitated by eCommerce (Pure360). Stats like this can’t be ignored and we knew straight away that there was a massive opportunity online to drive more sales.

Taking the internet by storm

We got to work straight away auditing their current online presence. It was through this audit we learned that they had a fair sized Facebook following, however their website performance was lacking.

Turning loyal fans into buyers

To take advantage of their strong community of fans on Facebook, we created a Facebook strategy aiming to turn page fans into buyers. This strategy involved creating a Facebook shop, running Facebook adverts and a Facebook posting schedule with posts.

Bringing back old customers

As part of our marketing strategy, we also saw the importance of retaining current customers. Did you know that it costs 6 – 7 times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one (Beyond Philosophy)? This is why a good email marketing strategy is very important to all businesses. Using our in-house marketing automation software, we were able to create automated funnels for cart abandonment, gathering customer reviews and promoting the client’s product brochure to encourage repeat purchases.

Going up the ranks

Organic results are highly important to all companies. As ranking on page one or even in position one, your potential customers automatically know that you’re trustworthy and a reputable brand. Also if you rank number 1 for the right keywords or phrases, this could mean a massive boost in your online sales. We worked closely with them to improve their organic position in search engines. We not only implemented key SEO tactics, but also trained them on the basics of SEO so that new products added to the site would be optimised for the search engines too..

Project Details






Internet Marketing

The Results

After only a few months work, we saw a big difference in their online sales:

  • In JUST 1 day we got over 100 Facebook page enquiries.
  • Facebook page fans increased from 1,900 to over 4,000 in 4 months
  • Website sales increased by over 200% from the previous year
  • Website revenue tripled compared to the previous year (28k to 92k)
  • Sales from organic traffic increased by 240% within a 12 month period (£13k to £47k)

Full Pricing Table

The table below shows monthly prices based on the size of your contact list. Note that these prices do not include the base price of setting the software up. If you have any questions or need help, please contact our team.
Contacts List Lite Lite+ Business
Up to 1,000 £65 p/m £95 p/m N/A
1,001 to 2,500 £75 p/m £117 p/m £145 p/m
2,501 to 5,000 £90 p/m £157 p/m £195 p/m
5,001 to 10,000 £115 p/m £217 p/m £277 p/m
10,001 to 25,000 £177 p/m £375 p/m £495 p/m