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  • How to do Email Marketing the right way?

    When it comes to earning high ROIs, email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels. But, a successful and effective email marketing campaign takes a lot more than just a few tricks. Above all, it requires foolproof, impact-driven strategies that are distinctive and unique. Only then can you achieve a stellar open and […]

  • “Email Marketing is Dead.” — Is this true or false?

    Some decades ago, Nietzsche, the great German philosopher declared with a remarkable conviction— “God is Dead.” A claim that caused serious upheavals in Western philosophy, inspiring the formation of a whole new body of thought. Although nowhere near in logical prowess, sceptics among marketers have been claiming the death of email marketing for some time […]

  • How Do I Choose My Tech Stack for Marketing? — A Comprehensive Guide

    Often, marketers find it daunting to choose the right tech stack for their campaigns. Indeed, the task is quite challenging and can either make or break a business. Especially if the concerned people are “non-technical” —which is usually the case anyway—the wide range of contesting options could become overwhelming. Since a wrong combination could be […]

  • What is Tech Stack and Why Do You Need One for Marketing?

    Marketing and technology go together like cheese and wine— a perfect duo, paired together to enhance the overall experience. “Tech stack” is a rather common term for the technology-backed sectors, although for many it remains a jargon. This, we can assure, need not be the case. Understandably, the task of picking tools from a vast […]

  • 5 Activities you should do this month

    In a financial crisis the response for marketing is to keep spending and hopefully you will spend your way out of it and beat your competitors because you will still be top of mind and ahead of your competitors.  BUT we are not in a financial crisis we are in a global health crisis and […]

  • The Google BERT update

    Have you not heard of BERT yet? Well, you should have. It’s the biggest Google update for years. It’s so big that we have dedicated this weeks newsletter to it. It’s time to dig into BERT. If you’re used to Google updates sounding more like cute animals and less like Sesame Street characters, you’re not alone. […]