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KDM (Formerly known as Kinetic Productions) is a digital marketing consultancy based in Birmingham and Sutton Coldfield, founded in 2001 by Karen Poxon. The idea behind starting KDM was to help businesses market their products and services through using the latest and greatest in digital marketing.

With over 16 years of experience, KDM has developed a strong portfolio of working with a range of partners. This includes everyone from manufacturing to IT and technology companies. We have delivered extraordinary results, formed long-term partnerships and even had fun on the way.

With all this expertise and experience, we have become more than a digital marketing consultancy, but pioneers. Today, KDM is investing in creating the best in-house software to make marketing automation and social selling more effective. Of course, we can’t give away our secret formula but we call tell you that it has dramatically increased the effectiveness of email campaigns sent by our partners.


How is KDM any different from other digital marketing consultancies? Simple…it’s our unique 4 step process! Our 4 step process helps us to create winning digital marketing strategies that not only work for you, but also deliver.  


At the base of every great strategy is an audit. At KDM, we conduct a complete audit of your company and its marketplace. This includes looking at your strengths, weaknesses, as well as your competitors, company goals and buyer persona’s. This helps us get a bigger picture of what you do and highlight areas of improvement.


We’ve done the research and have identified the problems. Now it’s time to create a winning digital marketing strategy, which can be implemented to not only solve your problems, but also to match your company’s resources. This way we can guarantee long term success. Our plan includes all areas of digital marketing including, website, SEO, content marketing, social media and marketing automation. Allowing us to focus on both generating leads and increasing sales.


With a game plan all drawn up, it’s time to put it into action. This involves creating the content, updating your website, managing social media channels, creating automations and anything else it takes to get you results. To ensure long-term success, we can even train you and your employees on how best to use digital marketing for your company. Allowing for a continuous stream of digital marketing activities that never stop.


The most essential part of our process is measuring. When it comes to KPI’s we keep it SMART. That means each KPI we develop can be measured to see your company’s performance and progress more clearly.

Specific: We make sure our KPI’s are detailed enough to understand and implement.

Measurable: Our KPI’s include quantifiable data, so we can easily see the difference.

Accurate: We use real data from your company’s past performance to create these.

Relevant: We never include pointless KPI’s that mean nothing to your company.

Timely: Our KPI’s always have a deadline attached ensuring you get quick results.

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Our blog
  • How Mobile Marketing Can Transform Your Business [Infographic]
    June 25th, 2018

    The number of marketing strategies and avenues of promotion was large even 20 years ago, but the internet brought about an entire host of new marketing techniques. We are steadily seeing a shift towards digital marketing over traditional marketing means such as TV ads, billboards, and flyers. It is mobile marketing that sees a real surge in usage. Mobile phones were used for marketing before, but smartphones changed the way people use the internet, and this is telling only by the number of mobile digital solutions and app development companies out there. Take a look at these brilliant examples of mobile marketing by businesses.

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  • How Are Brands Using AI And Machine Learning?
    June 11th, 2018

    Machine learning is one of the cornerstones of artificial intelligence. It is not reserved only for advanced robotics though, as more and more chatbots and everyday applications become more adaptive and responsive without human supervision. There are several ways to teach machines to perform a certain act and to deal intelligently and appropriately with certain scenarios. One teaching process involves exposing a system to examples many times till the computer begins to learn from them. So, you can feed a computer different pictures of dogs and cats till it can distinguish between both animals by recognizing pixels and patterns. These two technologies hold so much promise for the world of marketing today. They already provide shoppers with a more meaningful shopping experience by helping with product selection or by resolving their issues.

    How Are Brands Using AI And Machine Learning?
  • Marketing Automation 2018 Report: Do You Really Know What It Is?
    June 04th, 2018

    Have you heard of marketing automation? And if you have, can you define the term “marketing automation” clearly in your head? According to Liana Technologies (2017) the biggest barrier to marketing automation adoption is knowledge. To some this might be a surprising statement, especially with so many blog posts, webinars and resources out there on such topic. However as interest for marketing automation rises, it seems that actual adoption of marketing automation is at a halt. A report by Digital Capital Advisors (2015) found that in a survey of 220,000 small businesses (approx. annual revenue of £3 - £14 million), only 5% used marketing automation tools. This very statistic suggests the lag in adoption, particularly in small businesses. To solve this issue, we conducted a survey between the end of 2017 and early 2018 to uncover how much businesses really know about marketing automation and what is it about marketing automation that is so confusing.

    Marketing Automation 2018 Report: Do You Really Know What It Is?
  • 14 Common Marketing Challenges and How to Solve Them
    May 24th, 2018

    What are the biggest marketing challenges you face today? There is no right or wrong answer. Every marketer is faced with their own set of challenges or frustrations. Whether this is getting their company in front of the right target audience or proving ROI. And not to mention the global challenge of keeping up to date with new marketing technology and being able to take an intelligent-driven approach to marketing. Through exploring the internet and by asking real marketers at our marketing events, we have discovered 14 common marketing challenges faced by marketers in today’s landscape. Before you read on, please take a moment to list your own marketing challenges. And then you can compare your challenges with our list.

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  • 5 Ways Marketing Automation Makes GDPR Compliance Easy
    April 06th, 2018

    Many people are under the impression that marketing automation is just spam. And spam is a big deal, especially with GDPR being enforced in under 2 months. If you are one of these people, then think again! Marketing automation is only spam when used wrongly. In the right hands, marketing automation can truly be a powerful tool for all companies. And using a marketing automation tool will not, I repeat will NOT break the rules highlighted in the new GDPR regulation. And here are 5 ways marketing automation takes the pain out of GDPR compliance.

    5 Ways Marketing Automation Makes GDPR Compliance Easy