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How to do Email Marketing the right way?

When it comes to earning high ROIs, email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels. But, a successful and effective email marketing campaign takes a lot more than just a few tricks. Above all, it requires foolproof, impact-driven strategies that are distinctive and unique. Only then can you achieve a stellar open and click-through rate.

These strategies that are result driven and will give your competitors a run for their money have definitely changed over time. What worked brilliantly a couple of years back have been rendered obsolete. However, one thing is a given—email marketing outperforms all other marketing strategies including PPC, SEO and content marketing. If email marketing is not your go-to marketing channel yet, it’s time to rethink things!

Strategies to “up your email marketing game”

When you follow these effectively, not only will email become your most important channel but you will also take your marketing to the next level.

Let’s get started.

Personalize your messages

You don’t need to send an individual email to everyone your subscribers. What personalization actually entails is using customer data to craft a message that resonates with your consumers. A good example of a company that does personalization remarkably is Amazon.

Instead of going for ‘Dear valued customer’, they choose to go with ‘Dear John’. Moreover, their recommendations are not randomly-generated but curated and based on your purchase history. Thus, for Amazon, email marketing is the key to the overall customer experience.

There are a couple of things you can look at to help get started with personalization:

  • Asking for the right information upfront — start your customization even before your customer hits the send button, with the sign-up form. You cannot be limited with your personalized communication strategy. Thus, to broaden your horizons remember always to ask for information that you need.
  • Use a real reply to the email address — don’t take the authenticity away from your messaging. You would want your readers to not just read but also respond to and engage with your campaigns. Hence try and use a real reply address that will improve credibility and will appear more warm, endearing and personal.
  • Use your real signature — use real contact information within your email and include your contact details in the email signature. You will not only give your consumers the opportunity to contact you but also be personal with them and build a relationship that’s long-lasting and mutually profitable. This applies to not just small businesses but also businesses that have an employee/marketing/customer service team in charge of sending out emails.

Segment your subscribers

Segmentation is definitely a priority for you when you are dealing with something as intimate as emails. Your emails automatically become much more targeted to your audience when you segment your database. Imagine if you are hosting an event, you would want to invite people who would be interested. How annoying it must be to receive an email that invites you to an event located on the other side of the world or if you have already signed up for an event but are still receiving emails nonetheless. When you efficiently segment your lists, you are bound to get better open rates, revenue, transactions, leads and more customers.

Optimize for different platforms

Many of us now have resorted to checking emails on our phones. In fact, more than half of emails are now read on mobile devices and this is a trend that is here to stay. All your emails should be easy to read and view on mobile with relatively fast loading speed. You can go heavy on the imagery but keep it as simple and short as possible so that it displays nicely on most phones.

Do NOT spam

This is obviously a no brainer. You cannot spam because it can refer to poor judgment within the email itself- uppercase subject lines, invalid links or irrelevant content but it determines mainly the way you engage with your email subscribers. Signing them for things without them expressly opting in is an absolute no-no. Also, remember that purchased lists are associated with very high spam and unsubscribe rates. You could potentially get banned from the email marketing provider if you get too many of those. Ensure you adhere to anti-spam laws and GDPR.

Send a confirmation message after your customer has subscribed

Send a customer a confirmation email after they have signed up to let them know that they are now admissible subscribers and to confirm if they indeed want to stay signed up. Sometimes people may not even actively weigh the odds before they sign up. You can keep this message short and simple emphasizing the confirmation button. You can also include validation of why signing up for your brand is a good idea.

Don’t neglect your subject line

Subject lines are vitally and critically relevant. They are the headlines that make all the difference because this is the first thing your subscriber is going to check to be convinced that your email is worth opening. Hence this automatically implies that you should be doing everything within your power to set yourself up for success. Do not go for deceptive subject lines that do not add value to the body of the email or don’t match the content and ensure they are simple but compelling.

Keep it simple

On to the body of your email, the objective is to engage your reader and follow up with a relevant but strong CTA. regardless of whether you want them to buy a product, read a blog post or sign up, you must organize your copy. Limit your CTAs (Call to Actions) wherever possible and make it easy to find and click. Double-check your work, go easy on the emojis and steer clear of typos.

Consider drip campaigns

They extend the water metaphor of the sales funnel and are used greatly by email companies. The first step to creating stellar drip campaigns is by knowing your audience and defining your user personas because they will get different campaigns with copy choices and content tailored specifically to address their needs. However, these are just another type of automated email you can opt for. There are other things to look at too:

  • Someone who buys an item gets notified with respect to that item’s category of future sales or any new styles.
  • Someone who subscribes to your blog receives a welcome email (you can also include one of your most popular articles).
  • Someone who abandons the cart receives a reminder of the items they have left behind but in aquirky, fun and innovative manner.

A final word on email marketing

If you believe that email marketing is a one and done thing then you are in for some surprises. Sending out an email is just the first step- you will also have to review your analytics including click rates, open rates, conversion numbers, A/B test results, popular content etc. If you want to stay at the top of your game you may want to dive into it and get more granular.

Never stop making your subscribers feel special, and even consider rewarding them with exclusive preview access to the latest offering. Email marketing is perhaps the best way to provide value and delight your readers. There are a number of marketing tools that are getting a lot of traction these days but email marketing has successfully stood the test of time—Time has proven that this method is reliable, successful and gives the best return on investments for your money spend. In short, it’s worth it. Marketing automation can help you cover all of these points and take your marketing to the next level. Book a call for a marketing automation demo and see how you can make the most of your marketing initiatives.