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Generated marketing qualified leads through LinkedIn Prospecting.

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Goal: To increase the number of marketing qualified leads.

Our Process

As one part of our Connect & Sell package, we organised a LinkedIn and sales training course.The aim of this course was to educate participants in the area of LinkedIn prospecting and how companies can generate marketing qualified leads through simply optimising and utilising their LinkedIn profile. This course covers everything from the basics of LinkedIn to the more advanced features.

The Results

Lee Baker, the director of IT Techno Phobes was able to significantly grow his LinkedIn connections from 71 to 218 in just 5 weeks. More importantly these connections were now all qualified contacts based on Lee’s target market and buyer persona. He was able to get 3 phone calls arranged from his new connections. And in these weeks, even got 25 members to join his LinkedIn group. Overall he is now able to grow his presence on LinkedIn and position himself as an expert in IT.


“Prior to the 13th December 2017, I had never considered using LinkedIn as a Digital Marketing platform so I had massive reservations entering into a training course for it.

It became apparent very quickly that not only would I learn about LinkedIn process, I would also learn skills and techniques in both basic marketing and sales which I would never would have thought about.

The realisation of creating “targeted” customer personas, the “numbers game” and the “funnel” all clicked into place.

I started sending out LinkedIn connection requests on the 17th December 2017 but I found that it was very hard work to find the people I was looking for – I now realise that because my connections count was so low that finding people was much more restricted.

It only took about a week and my requests were starting to be accepted, this in turn started to make a significant increase to my searching success.” – Lee Baker, Director

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