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Goal: To get more on-profile leads from the website

The Pain

The company generated enquiries for orders from £50k to £850k per year, but very few of them turned into orders. Their reasons were valid enough, the machines weren’t right, the products would be too fiddly to produce etc.. After some discussions and analysing the statistics around the KPIs and the funnel we had produced, we discovered that although they were generating enquiries they were from the wrong people. This highlighted to the Management team that their list was rubbish and on closer inspection it was made up of competitors and academics who mostly would never order from the client.

Our Process

At the start of our contract we worked to create a monthly e-shot that would be sent to 1,000 contacts. The e-shot discussed the latest and greatest in their industry, gave a flavour of what was going on in the company and how they were embracing the technology changes and the global economy and the industry as a whole.

During this time we noticed that engagement was poor due to targeting the wrong people. To combat this issue we launched a campaign to build a new on profile database of contacts that would be in the market to buy the client’s products. We did this by using our LinkedIn prospecting system, paid advertising and referrals.

We also created templates, carried the brand through, wrote and produced interesting quality articles to support the e-shot and scheduled them to go out once per month with a repeat delivery to people who had missed it the first time.

The Results

The company now has an engaged database of on-profile customers. And the quality of meetings they are now having with prospects is much higher than before.


“I would like to thank you for your efforts over the last 12 months. I think the web site redesign has been successful and I have had very good feedback from everyone who has viewed it.” – Paul Isherwood

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