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Goal: To nurture leads automatically and to create an onboarding sequence which is automated.

Our Process

The Business Support Organisation (BSO) aims to help businesses of all sizes with any challenges they face. They wanted to make key office processes, such as onboarding new clients, managing them and nurturing new leads more efficient. The managing director of the BSO was spending over 20+ hours every week on manually sending out reminder emails, signing new clients up, dealing with membership fees and so on. To solve this issue, KDM introduced our marketing automation package. The client had very little knowledge in this area, so we offered them a demo and ongoing training on how to use our in-house marketing automation tool.

As part of our marketing automation service, we created automation workflows which integrated the payment system, Stripe to automatically accept payments from members. Plus a Jotform integration, which allowed the client to automatically onboard new clients seamlessly and then transfer them to a workflow which continuously nurtured them with relevant, personalised emails about events and training opportunities. Our marketing automation system also helped the BSO with back office tasks, such as calling members, creating their membership number, raising invoices and dealing with enquiries.

The Results

It was estimated that the work our marketing automation system accomplished for the BSO was equal to hiring a full-time administrator. Our client was not only able to save around 20+ hours per week on admin tasks, but was also able to lower their costs. The client is now able to spend more time on business development and less time on repetitive admin tasks.

Testimonialbrett sheldon-BSO-kdm

“I was really impressed with the marketing automation platform and the time I’ve saved on doing repetitive, admin work.  The KDM team were very helpful in developing the automation workflows and training me in the area of marketing automation. I highly recommend KDM to anyone who is looking to purchase a marketing automation service.” – Brett Sheldon, Managing Director

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