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Since 2001, KDM has been working with a range of companies, from manufacturing to ecommerce sites. Not only have we delivered exceptional results, we also have a strong relationship with all of our clients (or partners, as we like to call them). Just see our case studies below!

Marketing Automation

The Business Support Organisation

Saved around 20+ hours per week by automating repetitive tasks, such as sending reminder emails, nurturing leads, accepting payment from members, raising invoices and so on.



Marketing Automation

Cardinal Partnership

Lowered costs and saved around 20+ hours per week by automating their client on-boarding process and automating tasks, such as payment, lead nurturing and reminder emails.



Connect & Sell

IT Techno Phobes Ltd

Generated marketing qualified leads through LinkedIn Prospecting. Created a client-facing LinkedIn Profile, which focused on getting results – Instead of the typical “resume-style” profile.



Connect & Sell

Factory Solutions

Our LinkedIn prospecting system (Connect & Sell) helped Factory Solutions to reach qualified leads in just 1 month, where it would have taken 12 to 24 months to generate sales before this system.



Website Refresh

Meller & Protolan

We turned an average website into two new appealing and informative websites for Meller and Protolan. These websites were redesigned to focus on lead generation through clear structure and call to actions.




Website Refresh + Content Creation


We transformed and refreshed the design of a outdated website, so that it is clear and engaging for the end-user. Plus created unique content, such as blogs and articles resulting in more qualified leads.




Marketing Automation

MailChimp to Marketing Automation

Is MailChimp a marketing automation tool? We cleaned up an email list of 20,000 contacts to get better engagement and targeting using our in-house marketing automation tool. This resulted in higher open and click-through rates.



ukf stainless-case-study-kdm

Website Refresh + Connect & Sell

UKF Stainless

We turned an outdated website into a complete lead generation machine through clear sturcture and rich functionality. Plus provided training on how to use social media to reach out to potential clients and customers.



ashwood partnerships-case-study-kdm

Website Refresh + Logo redesign

Ashwood Partnerships

We created a website that is easy to use, as well as attractive and professional. We even add a lead generation functionality to help support the company’s end goal. Plus, redesigned a modern logo for the company.



the business success-consultant-case-study-kdm

Website Refresh

The Business Success Consultant

We refreshed an outdated website and updated it with engaging content which resulted in more leads and website engagement. Plus offered training and guidance utilising the website for lead generation.


Schoeller Bleckmann-case-study-kdm

Website Refresh + Connect & Sell

Schoeller Bleckmann

Developed two new quality websites and optimised them for search engines. We even trained them on using LinkedIn for business development, which resulted in meeting with a very important client for the company.


Our marketing automation packages aim to nurture leads
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Marketing automation is brilliant for delivering personalised messages and collecting customer data. Especially if you don't have the time to engage and nurture your leads!
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