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Brexit and the future for the UK’s digital marketing

The future of Brexit digital marketing – A brief overview

Britain’s exit from the European Union is expected to bring a series of challenges for the digital marketing services in the UK. Despite the UK government’s diligent efforts to ease the pain of the transition, the digital marketing agency in the UK is gearing up to tackle both the positive and negative effects of Britain’s decision. In this blog, we will discuss how Brexit is likely to affect digital marketing services in the UK.

How Brexit may affect the future of the digital marketing services in the UK

Let’s find out how Brexit may affect the future of digital marketing services in the UK.

Budgets for digital Marketing services may go down.

As per the report published by Bellwether, after steady growth of 6 years, the budget for marketing has gone down in the last few years. Consumer confidence is at the rock bottom level due to the economic uncertainty, and they are spending less money. The digital marketing consultants in the UK do not have much confidence in the British economy. As a result, they are not willing to spend a lot of money on the marketing budgets.

It is easy to cut the budget of digital marketing when businesses are unsure of their future. However, that is not the right strategy. According to the experts, it is essential to invest money in digital marketing if the business owners are concerned about the long-term growth of the company.

In the era of the pandemic, everything has moved online. If the UK business owners do not promote their services in the digital world, they are likely to lose customers in the event of a recession. And if there are no customers and revenue, business owners will not be able to invest in digital marketing. So, it is a kind of a vicious circle.

Prudent business owners will invest money in digital marketing while the competitors cut their budget for the same. They will wait for the time when the competition is weak and will use a digital marketing strategy to lure customers. Brexit is not the time to cut the budget for digital marketing. It is time to spend more on digital marketing. Otherwise, customers will prefer companies who promote their products and services online.

Digital Marketing services will thrive and prosper

There is yet another fact that business owners need to keep in mind. If the value of the pound weakens against the Dollar or Euro, then more tourists are likely to visit the UK. The advertising budgets are expected to increase as the tourism industry will boom. Tourists will spend more money, and digital marketing services in the UK will grow despite the negative outlook on the issue.

The value of the pound has gone down against the Euro and Dollar after Brexit. As such, the expenses in the digital marketing industry has increased a lot. The digital marketing agency in the UK uses several US digital marketing tools like Adobe, Hootsuite, Mailchimp, HubSpot, etc. The annual subscription fee for these US-based tools has increased due to the depreciation of the Pound against the Dollar. Digital marketing agencies have to spend more money on the same services.

How can the UK digital marketing agencies deal with the rising cost of the tools?

A smart strategy is to support the UK local digital marketing houses and help them come up with required digital marketing tools. That will help the UK digital marketing consultants to use their budgets effectively. And that can help to boost the UK economy in the long run.

Digital marketing consultants need the tools for getting fruitful results. If the US digital marketing tools are charged in local currencies, then they can save money.

The hiring process will be different.

Before Brexit, workers could move freely in the EU countries. However, the scenario is different post Brexit. Companies managing digital marketing teams may face a tough time as they will not be able to hire from abroad easily. Many companies have non-British workers in the team, and they have started returning to their respective countries. It is likely to affect the recruitment policy of digital marketing companies. They may have to collaborate with other digital marketing agencies and create new job opportunities for the fresh graduates. They can also recruit local people in their digital marketing teams.

Digital marketing companies have only two options. They can expand their network to find the required expertise. Or they have to spend a lot of money to upgrade their digital marketing team. If the digital marketing companies are still not satisfied, they can outsource some work to other digital marketing agencies to maintain the regular workflow.

Digital marketing services will contribute to business growth

Digital marketing services are likely to contribute to the abundant growth of companies amidst the various pains inflicted by BREXIT. Digital marketing services will help businesses to give clear messages as per the changing needs of the market and retain customer trust. Several things are likely to change due to BREXIT. Consumer behavior may change. The digital marketing services can formulate campaigns based on this changed behavior and attract them.


Digital marketing is indispensable for the growth and development of a business in the post-pandemic era. If you work as a digital marketing consultant in the UK, make sure you keep yourself updated on news about the UK Brexit digital marketing to keep up with the threats and opportunities BREXIT provides. The Brexit latest news UK will help you to adopt the right marketing strategy and avoid incurring heavy losses in the future.