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Looking for ideas on how to improve your company’s digital marketing? Don’t worry you’re not alone! The marketing masterminds group has been created to help individuals, as well as small businesses to improve their marketing knowledge. In our community, there is is no such thing as a silly question! You can feel free to ask questions, give feedback and have a general chit chat about marketing.

Get access to exclusive content

As a digital marketing consultancy, we love to spread the knowledge of digital marketing to everyone. When you join the marketing masterminds group, you will also get access to exclusive digital marketing content, such as webinars, templates, newsletters and much more! We aim to offer content that has a practical use and can really make an impact on your company’s marketing strategy.


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Members of our marketing mastermind group will also get discounts and special offers on our range of digital marketing products and services. We will even email you about any free trials we’re offering. And if that’s not enough – You will also be the first to know when we launch a new cutting-edge product or service that can change your marketing for the better!

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Opportunities to grow and learn

Our marketing masterminds group aims to make you a smarter and confident marketer. That’s why we offer exclusive opportunities, such as seminars, webinars and networking events to build your knowledge, confidence and guide you in marketing. You will be sure to learn something new that you can implement straight away!


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    January 11th, 2019

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  • How To Generate Leads For Your Business Using Quizzes
    December 19th, 2018

    Most of the key challenges that businesses face often involve money. In fact, one of the biggest marketing challenges faced by marketers is lead generation. If you really want to beat your competitors in this digital age. you will need to find creative ways to generate leads. Those traditional methods of lead generation such as placing a form on your website or even asking your clients for referrals all have limiting results. Think about it -How many times can your clients recommend you, until you run out of people in your network to ask? You can’t even rely on emails these days to get you clients, with the development in GDPR and other legislations. And not to mention that people hate being spammed whether this is through email spamming or through phone calls. The bottom-line is you need to work on a strategy that not only generates leads but generates quality leads. This is where lead generation quizzes are your best choice. They are engaging; they have wide reach and most importantly they let you generate quality leads.

    How To Generate Leads For Your Business Using Quizzes
  • Digital Trends – 4 Important Reasons Why You Should Care
    December 14th, 2018

    Society is constantly going through some changes and currently, it is technology that is disrupting society more than ever. The world is going digital and the average person spends about a quarter of their day interacting with digital media in some way. In addition to changing how we spend our free time, it is also changing various different industries in business, most notably the marketing space. With that in mind, this article is going to look at the importance of digital trends in marketing and how they are changing how we work and live. We will touch on a few reasons why the current digital trend in the marketing space is important and beneficial for everyone involved. So if you think that following digital trends is not important - Then think again! Here are 4 important reasons why you should care about digital trends.

    Digital Trends – 4 Important Reasons Why You Should Care
  • 12 Cool Marketing Trends that will Conquer 2019
    December 10th, 2018

    It’s that time of the year again, where every marketer starts thinking about the future of marketing. Our team here at KDM don’t have a crystal ball, but we do know tons about marketing. And with this knowledge let us go through 12 of the coolest marketing trends that will conquer 2019.

    12 Cool Marketing Trends that will Conquer 2019
  • 10 Best Tools For Effective & Easy Marketing
    November 21th, 2018

    Being a business owner is probably one of the most challenging jobs on the planet. When first starting a new business, your main goal should be spreading the word about the services or products your company offer. Once you have built your business website and found an adequately priced hosting provider, you will need to shift your focus to optimizing it. With the help of reputable professionals and the right tools, getting your website optimized will be easy. For years, businesses of all shapes and sizes have used the power of online marketing to attract new customers from all over the world. In a recent study, researchers found that over half of the world’s population uses the Internet on a frequent basis. Tapping into a portion of this large audience can help you take your business from startup to a success story. Read below to find out about some of the essential tools you need for easy and effective marketing.

    10 Best Tools For Effective & Easy Marketing