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  • 5 Activities you should do this month

    04 May 2020 in Blog

    In a financial crisis the response for marketing is to keep spending and hopefully you will spend your way out of it and beat your competitors because you will still be top of mind and ahead of your competitors.  BUT we are not in a financial crisis we are in a global health crisis and […]

  • The Google BERT update

    11 Dec 2019 in Blog&Digital Marketing

    Have you not heard of BERT yet? Well, you should have. It’s the biggest Google update for years. It’s so big that we have dedicated this weeks newsletter to it. It’s time to dig into BERT. If you’re used to Google updates sounding more like cute animals and less like Sesame Street characters, you’re not alone. […]

  • 6 Marketing Myths Busted

    28 Nov 2019 in Blog

    Have you ever heard someone say something negative about marketing, with such confidence that it’s made you believe them? With marketing being subjective in nature, there is a danger that we can hear the thoughts of others and believe everything that is said. As marketing professionals, we thought we should set things straight by offering […]

  • 7 reasons to have a marketing strategy

    27 Nov 2019 in Blog

    Do you need some convincing on the importance of a marketing strategy? In the following blog post we’ll outline some of the key benefits of a marketing strategy. Unfortunately, like many things, your strategy needs to be evolving constantly. It’s one thing setting your objectives and vision, but if you’re not updating it and researching […]

  • Why do I need a marketing Strategy

    21 Nov 2019 in Blog

    Whatever your reason is, you will find thousands of resources on marketing strategy online, all of which claim to be a blueprint for success. But if only it was that simple, the truth is that some of these resources should not even be looked at, let alone followed. Alternatively, you may be new to marketing […]

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