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5 Activities you should do this month

In a financial crisis the response for marketing is to keep spending and hopefully you will spend your way out of it and beat your competitors because you will still be top of mind and ahead of your competitors. 

BUT we are not in a financial crisis we are in a global health crisis and whilst you may have decided to decrease your marketing spend or even stopped your spending; you shouldn’t stop strategising. After all you want to be ready to jump onto your marketing as soon as the lockdown is lifted and we can get back to normality albeit a different normal. – A subject all of its own and not for this blog.

Bearing this in mind I thought I would share with you 5 activities you can do this month as the first step to making sure your strategy is ready to roll and you can hit the ground running when this lockdown is lifted. The activities below will propel your strategy forward and make sure you are ahead of the curve when you get back to your business properly. Are you ready? Here we go:

  1. Revisit/create your buyer profile: our buying habits will have changed – guaranteed when we go back to our daily life post COVID19. Ask yourself; what will have changed for your buyers? Look at your customers and put them into 3 or 4 buckets and then create fictional characters for them listing out their challenges, which social media platform they’re on, how they like to receive their information. Download your buyer persona template here
  2. What lead magnets do you have?: To whet your appetite some examples of lead magnets are cheat sheets, templates, case studies, work plans. They are something of value for your ideal customer that will help them along to solving the challenge they are experiencing (identified in your buyer persona that your solution can solve. The objective is to identify people who are interested in the solution you provide so that you can start a conversation with them. When they download your lead magnet they are telling you they are interested, they become a marketing qualified lead. (MQL)
  3. What’s your USP (Unique selling point) and Value Proposition?: Why will people be interested in your solution? How does it benefit them? Why are you and your solution different from your competitor?
  4. Create/refine your content to support 2 & 3: collate your graphics, posts you will need on social media, blogs. You may need to instruct your team or find an outsource resource to help you. Collating everything into one place will show you the gaps you need to fill.
  5. Plan for action: Create a timeline showing which marketing activities are going to help you promote your marketing strategy. In your timeline make sure it gives clear indicators of what you want to achieve by when – download marketing activity work plan book here

Many business owners and marketing managers I speak to become overwhelmed very quickly with their marketing efforts. Quite often this can be because they haven’t broken the task down into smaller chunks with deliverables and the delivery times next to each task. Their strategy tries to cover every single social media platform and every single product or service they do in one email or post. Your strategy has a much better chance of success of being delivered if each activity supports each other and there are success indicators against each activity.

Decide what your success indicator(s) will be once you start your marketing. Examples of success indicators may be:

  1. 100 visitors to my blog supporting my activity above
  2. 10 downloads of my lead magnet this month
  3. Have 3 conversations with people who are interested in my solution

The key is to be as specific as you can – BUT be realistic! Once you have decided on your success indicators then work them back to see how each activity could feed into these. Let’s take success indicator number 2 for example, if you are using email marketing to drive traffic and social media posting you may give each of these activities success indicators of their own such as

Email marketing activity:

  1. 10 click-throughs from the email link per week
  2. 1 download from my email list per week

Social media posting activity:

  1. 50 click-throughs to the lead magnet page per week
  2. 5 downloads of the lead magnet

By measuring in this way you will be able to see which activities need attention and which are working perfectly.

So now you have some tools and hopefully this blog has been thought-provoking – what are you waiting for? Make 2020 against all the odds your best year yet!

Do you like what you’ve read but you’re still not sure where to start or you have questions that have arisen from this blog? Ask Karen – book 30-minute call in her diary using this link. It’s totally free, she has received 5-star reviews for the help she has given to other people on these calls. We guarantee you will finish the call with a clear view of what you need to do next.