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How We Work with Active Campaign to Deliver the Best-in-Class Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a no-brainer when it comes to converting more customers and growing your business.

By bringing all your marketing activities together in one place in this way, (including social media, email marketing and your website), your marketing platforms can support each other and help make 2022 your best marketing year ever.

If you choose the right marketing automation service, you can nurture your leads, personalise the customer journey, track performance and improve your results.

Instead of wasting time running around trying to manage multiple tasks, platforms and stay on top of your marketing efforts, your team can focus their energy and creativity on what really matters.

Here at KDM Digital, we are passionate about delivering a unique experience to our customers and optimising customer experience (CX). For this reason, we knew we’d need to select a powerful marketing automation tool that allows us to implement our marketing skills and expertise so we can deliver more for less.

This meant partnering with the global leader in Customer Experience Automation, Active Marketing who help ensure we always send the right message to the right person at the right time.

Here are just some of the reasons we chose Active Campaign over similar providers such as HubSpot and InfusionSoft.

Highly personalised experience

Sending generic content to your customers isn’t enough these days. If you want to grow a loyal and engaged customer base and nurture your brand, they need to be treated as individuals, every step of the way.

With Active Campaign, we can ensure the right message is sent to the right person at the right time using dynamic content to personalise text and images based on unique customer behaviour, machine learning technology and a unified marketing experience.

Reach customers wherever they are

Active Campaign makes it easy to reach your customers across many channels, without data silos in every channel or a need for complex coding.

We can use their infrastructure to create segmented email campaigns, SMS text messaging, social media advertising or compelling sales messages that appear automatically on your website.

Powerful integration

Whatever apps you use to support your eCommerce business, Active Campaign brings them all into one place for an easy, multifaceted approach. With over 870 integrations currently available including Shopify, Salesforce, Typeform and Google Sheets, we can help you streamline your online marketing experience and deliver even better results, no coding required.

Actionable insights

Active Campaign doesn’t just provide insights that look interesting. They’re also entirely actionable and will help us improve your business’ online performance. We can…

  • View the customer journey from first message to purchase
  • Carry out split tests and split actions whilst monitoring customer engagement
  • Set goals and track microconversations
  • Get real time insights using a mobile app

As they say themselves, “ActiveCampaign is ranked #1 by G2 in Marketing Automation and ranked #1 by TrustRadius in Email Marketing because we help you attract more customers, keep more customers, and grow your revenue.

Advanced automation

Ideal for eCommerce businesses, Active Campaign provides a range of easy-to-use automation tools including an abandoned cart reminder, Shopify email reminder to repurchases and a notification when a sale hasn’t closed.

When used effectively, we can use these to ensure total customer satisfaction and nurture leads that still haven’t converted. This provides you with greater ROI on your marketing efforts so you can generate more profit with less work.

Shaping customer experience with ease

Here at KDM Digital, we’re focused on providing an outstanding customer experience that helps build your brand and generate more sales.

Thanks to Active Campaign, this is easy. The first and leading Customer Experience Automation (CXA) platform on the market, it includes marketing automation, sales automation, CRM and support tools that help you deliver more.

New features

We also love the fact that Active Campaign continues to develop new features and functions that further improve this powerful service. This ensures we can stay at the forefront of tech, machine learning and automation technologies for even better results. You can find a list of their release updates here.


Active Campaign is an outstanding Customer Experience Automation (CXA) platform that offers a range of automations, integrations and features that set it head and shoulders above other marketing automation platforms.

If you’d like to find out how we can optimise your marketing efforts using marketing automation and this powerful platform, contact us today.