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Boost Your Site Engagement Using Polls

There is something that every website owner wishes but not all of them are able to achieve it i.e. to increase audience engagement on their website. In fact most websites tend to meet their users with ineffective landing pages that neither arouses desire nor do they entice any favourable actions. You need to stay ahead of this curve. In today’s competitive cyberspace it isn’t enough just to get traffic to your website as you need to make that traffic count and take your business ahead of competition. If you aspire towards adding to your brand equity and increasing revenues you need to undertake actions that increase engagement on your website.

If your site isn’t achieving desired levels of engagement with users you are bound to look for ways to realise your goals. And polls are surely the best option available to you. From startups to the largest ecommerce platforms in the world several websites have used polls successfully to boost engagement. Polls are inherently engaging – they arouse the desire in the minds of users to share their opinions and take part in an exercise with the larger community. By using polls you will be able to engage your users and create a pull factor for them to revisit your website and engage with your brand.

Increase engagement through polls

Creating Stunning Polls Using Online Poll Maker
For all the incentives that polls promise in terms of boosting engagement on your website and increasing your sales and brand equity, they are super easy to create. You don’t need to hire a developer to create these polls, nor do you have to sit and master HTML to launch these polls yourself. Online poll makers do it for you. An online poll maker is a simple tool that allows you to create and launch your polls without any hassle. Their all-encompassing dashboard shall take care of both the design as well as technical aspect of your poll and let you run them as often as you want on your website. Just spare few minutes of your time daily and you can have a fresh poll on your site to engage your users.

They Are Super Easy To Create
An online poll maker basically works on the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) model where a dashboard allows you to work on the design. Depending on your needs you can either use one of the pre-designed templates or use your own. The pre-designed template can be customised and branded to add that extra bit of visual appeal on your polls and seamlessly blend with other design elements on your website or social media platforms. If you have experience in coding you can also try your hand at custom CSS that would allow you to tailor the visual aspects of your poll to the last pixel. Online poll makers offer you complete creative control over your polls and as you’d know visually appealing polls engage users faster and more than simple text based polls.

Once the design elements have been take care of you don’t need to either worry about the technical aspects of the polls. There are dozens of things that need to be configured when you are launching a poll such as poll closing date, how the results would be displayed and if users who participated in the polls would be notified about the results. Poll makers offer you all the technical tools that you need to smartly run your polls along with in-depth analytics in terms of poll’s reach, user engagement and other demographic features that lets you identify key markets and tailor other marketing strategies.

you don’t need to either worry about the technical aspects of the polls.

Polls Are An Important Part of Marketing Mix
You are already trying several things as a part of your digital marketing campaign and polls have become an important part of that mix. While SEO and PPC are focussed would bringing traffic to the website polls are a great way of engaging this traffic. A new user to your website would immediately love to see a poll that allows him or her to interact with your brand.

Why Should You Choose An Online Poll Maker
If you are planning to create and launch polls you can either use an online poll maker or bank on your coding and designing skills. Choosing the former option would be the smart thing to do and here are some benefits of using poll makers you can’t ignore –

  • User Friendly– You need not be an expert in either designing or coding to launch your polls. If you have a poll question in mind and idea around how you’d like to present it a poll maker would take care of the rest.
  • Saves Time – Even the best designers and coders in the world spend time to exercise their skills. Manually creating polls is time consuming and something that you won’t fancy doing every day. However with a poll maker you can get the job done within minutes and focus on the core areas of your business.
  • Lead Generation Form – Poll makers allow you to integrate lead generation forms as a part of your poll campaign without any effort. This can increase lead generation manifold and help you increase your sales and revenue.
  • Mobile Optimisation – You know the importance of running a mobile optimised poll on your website. A good poll maker would create mobile optimised polls by default which immediately increases its reach and odds of success.
  • Analytics– With a poll maker you’d be able to generate real-time information on the progress of your polls. Apart from demographic information on the users participating in these polls these tools also can be integrated with other marketing tools to target leads as soon as they are generated.

To sum up polls are the most promising way of boosting engagement on your website and also generating new and qualified leads. When you choose a state-of-the-art poll maker you’d be able to create and launch your quiz without any hassle.

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