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How To Generate Leads For Your Business Using Quizzes

How To Generate Leads For Your Business Using Quizzes by kdm digital

Most of the key challenges that businesses face often involve money. In fact, one of the biggest marketing challenges faced by marketers is lead generation. If you really want to beat your competitors in this digital age. you will need to find creative ways to generate leads. Those traditional methods of lead generation such as placing a form on your website or even asking your clients for referrals all have limiting results. Think about it -How many times can your clients recommend you, until you run out of people in your network to ask? You can’t even rely on emails these days to get you more clients, especially since the development in GDPR and other legislation. And not to mention that people hate being spammed whether this is through email spamming or through phone calls. The bottom-line is you need to work on a strategy that not only generates leads but generates quality leads. This is where lead generation quizzes are your best choice. They are engaging; they have a wide reach and most importantly they let you generate quality leads. 

Quizzes Keep Your Sales Team Happy      

As someone who is responsible for generating leads, it is your job to offer qualified leads to your sales team, which helps to close more sales.  You want the best of both worlds in terms of numbers as well as quality. Lead generation quizzes offer you a distinct advantage over other lead generation techniques in this regard. Unlike traditional strategies like forms, here you’ll generate leads every time a user interacts with your brand actively.

It’s up to you on the type of quiz you want to use. Any quiz whether it’s a trivia quiz or a personality-based quiz will offer you tangible results. A recent study conducted on the effectiveness of lead generation quizzes has shown that they can increase your lead generation by as much as five times. And the fact that they do it quickly offers you a great advantage over your competitors. When you have such a large number of leads to follow. it would offer a huge boost to your marketing efforts. In fact, lead quizzes can easily go viral if you are creative with your questions and this is the reason why they are more effective traditional lead generation techniques.

Using a Quiz Maker to Generate Leads

A quiz maker is a simple online tool that has been designed to help marketers create quizzes, launch them and track their performance. If you have no experience in HTML coding or lack the creative instinct while using design tools you don’t need to worry. Quiz makers don’t test your technical skills nor do they put your creativity to test. They come with built-in templates and an easy to use dashboard that should guide you through the different stages of the quiz’s creation – Right from setting goals and creating questions to publishing them on a platform of your choice. You can launch your first quiz within a few minutes. Here are few basic steps on how to make your own quiz: 

  • Design – You should be able to choose from a wide range of templates and customize them based on your needs. It is best to keep your quiz design simple and clean, so respondents can go through the questions as quickly as possible.
  • Outcomes – If you’re planning to create a personality quiz to help with lead generation, you’ll need clear outcomes. Outcomes will let you segment users based on their needs and aspirations, as well as pain points or anything else relating to your buyer personas. Similarly, make sure you know your goals and why you are using quizzes to generate leads.
  • Questions – Next you need to create some questions with multiple answers. We recommend a maximum of 10 questions per quiz. If you can, try to include a mixture of questions, such as multiple choice, scales, true/false etc.
  • Lead Form – This is the important part. To make sure your quiz generate leads you need your respondents’ details, such as email address and their name. You can have a lead form at the start of your quiz, after a set of questions or before you show the success score or outcome to the user.  Offer some incentive to the users such as discount coupons, free newsletter subscriptions or a report explaining their results at the end to motivate them to complete the form.
  • Landing Page – In most cases, the landing page would generally be the success score page. For personality-based quizzes, you may need to redirect users to specific outcome pages. 


Why Do Lead Generation Quizzes Work So Well?

Quizzes solve three big marketing challenges for businesses and marketers:

  • Drive Traffic: Since quizzes are one of the most creative ways to generate leads, they tend to be viral in nature. With the right choice of topic and the right quiz format, your quiz could reach thousands of qualified leads.
  • Discover Insights: When a prospect completes your quiz, it’s almost like they are secretly completing a survey or feedback form. A quiz gives all the insights of a survey but designed in a more fun and interactive way for your prospects.
  • Generate quality Leads: Finally, since your prospects are answering a serious of questions, you can use their responses to qualify them and to match them against your typical customer buyer persona.


If you need ideas for some creative b2b lead generation strategies or are looking for lead generation services, please contact us. Our team of trained digital marketing consultants will be able to help you generate more business leads and help you with b2b lead generation.

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