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How AI is Transforming Web Design Right Now

How AI is transforming web design right now-kdm

As we may already know, these days AI (Artificial Intelligence) is used in various sectors like healthcare, finance, education. Even digital marketing has been impacted by the rise of Artificial intelligence. As the technology develops it’s no surprise to see the implementation of AI almost everywhere. Saying this, one of the biggest weaknesses for AI tools comes down to their ability to think creatively. But to the surprise of some, recent developments have now allowed AI to support web designers in the process of creating websites that not only attract customers but engage them also. And to prove to you that this is no joke, here are a couple of examples which show the effective implementation of AI in web designing:

Is AI really transforming Web Design?

  • Automated Web Design: Tools like The Grid offer automated web designing. Basically, The Grid is a website designer powered by Artificial Intelligence. This AI-enabled website designer automatically adjusts your website’s interface, colour combination and layout based on user interaction. Further to this, Grid’s AI is known as “Molly”, Molly is efficient in providing optimisation, designing and arranging the content for your website without all the guesswork which prevents human web designers from working efficiently.
  • Machine Learning: Machine learning is one of the predecessors of Artificial Intelligence and is highly helpful in Web design because it enables the scope for any customisation over the developing websites. With the involvement of machine learning, designers will no longer select the web images, layout, colour scheme, typeface and CTA button. Machine learning is even efficient in analyzing user inputs which further helps in selecting those elements that are suitable and work best with the user experience.
  • Consistency in design: The most annoying thing when it comes to web design is inconsistency. Where one page has orange buttons and the other starts using blue. Tiny things like this might be missed by the human web designer, but an AI software could detect these inconsistencies within minutes of analyzing your site. Helping you provide a better user experience to your site visitors and avoiding any embarrassing design mistakes.


In the earlier days, website designing and development was tricky, time-consuming task. With all the coding, designing and data collection for user behaviour. But now in the present, the overall development of websites has become much easier; all thanks to Artificial Intelligence. You might even notice the job role of a web designer slightly changing because of AI. Making it even more important that you have the knowledge of artificial intelligence to keep up. You may agree with me when I say that the future of the web designing is going to change completely and it all because of Artificial Intelligence.

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