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Is AI really that important in Digital marketing?

Is AI really that important in digital marketing?

Around the world, technology is developing or evolving with each passing day. Why do you ask? It’s all down to the world wide web and the internet. Since the internet was created, it’s power and its efficiency in providing solutions for everyday problems like medical advice, travel arrangements, finding local restaurants, etc. has changed our very lives. Digital marketing is a field that has mostly changed over the years because of the internet.

It has shaped customer behaviour, for example before the everyday person would walk down to a local shop to buy a newspaper so they can keep up to date with worldwide events. But now with a simple few taps on our mobile phone, you will be updated with global events. Similarly, in the past, televisions ads were seen as a medium which would increase awareness amongst your target audience, but today brands are finding great success through online advertising, such as Facebook ads and Google ads. This even allows smaller businesses to make an impact in their industry, where in the past most industries were dominated by huge corporations with millions to spend on marketing.

So, is AI important in digital marketing?

In Digital marketing, AI (artificial intelligence) is the newest trending technology that has revolutionized digital marketing. Here are some of the AI tools which are significantly impacting digital marketing today:

  • Chatbots: Chatbots are becoming more widely used to improve communication between a business and its prospects. You may not know this, but the first ever chatbot was created in the 1960’s, called “ELIZA”. It was built to behave exactly like a psychotherapist. From this early development, we now live in a world where talking to a chatbot is actually normal. In fact, it is predicted that by the year 2025, the chatbot market will have extended to $1.23 billion and its annual growth will be 24.3%. In digital marketing, chatbots enable the process of automated responses. For example, they can be programmed to automatically respond to frequently asked questions by your or be used to recommend customers products to buy. Chatbots can also be used as lead generation tools if used cleverly and with a little creative thinking.


  • Online Advertising: Regarding success, online advertising is the most successful area of digital marketing which has adopted artificial intelligence. Both Facebook and Google, in particular, are platforms which have used machine learning brilliantly. A great example of machine learning is Facebook’s ability to learn from its users’ behaviours, such as their interests, the ad’s they click, the website’s they visit afterwards and so on. This information enables advertisers and businesses to have greater targeting options. In fact, the targeting is so great on Facebook, that you can target niche markets, such as people who visited your website and have an interest in football.


  • Content Marketing: This is one of the newest and most exciting AI developments, especially if you’re a marketer. While at the moment the actual content creation part may not be that good, it is still a brilliant way to guide your content marketing and give you ideas through tools like Articoolo. In particular, natural language processing (NLP) technology, which is the ability for a software to extract the best part of a sentence is becoming a more common use in email marketing. For example, Gumtree reportedly increased their email open rates by 35% to 50%, all by using the NLP tool, Phrasee to create winning subject lines for their emails. And Telaflora, was able to use their in-house tool and NLP to create customised email content for customers at different stages of the buying journey. If you like to learn about NLP and using technology to improve your email marketing, please see our marketing automation pages or send us a quick email.


The future of AI in Digital marketing

As the use of AI in digital marketing becomes more common, we expect even small businesses to take advantage of this powerful development. It is clear that AI is going to transform marketing in the coming years. With this growth, we even expect the job market to transform with more marketing-related roles asking for knowledge in AI tools and experience in implementing AI in marketing. To update your knowledge, you can even opt in for various artificial intelligence courses online or take a look at some of these AI resources. And if you still think that digital marketing isn’t yet there, take a look at this fact: In 2017, Cyber Monday generated $6.59 billion in the U.S. alone; it has become one of the most massive online sales in the U.S. history. It is clear that the online marketplace is just going to keep on growing and one day even completely overtake traditional marketing.

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