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How Mobile Marketing Can Transform Your Business [Infographic]

How Mobile Marketing Can Transform Your Business KDM Digital

The number of marketing strategies was large even 20 years ago, but the internet brought an entire host of new marketing techniques. We are steadily seeing a shift towards digital marketing over traditional marketing means such as TV ads and flyers.

It is mobile marketing that sees a real surge in usage. Mobile phones were used for marketing before, but smartphones changed the way people use the internet, and this is telling only by the number of mobile digital solutions and app development companies out there as listed on AppGeeks.

Common Examples of Mobile Marketing:

It is important that all businesses take advantage of mobile marketing techniques like the examples of mobile marketing included on the infographic below.

SMS Promotions

SMS marketing can be hugely successful and is also relatively easy to set up. It involves customers enrolling in the messaging service to receive a host of automated text messages on their smartphones. SMS marketing messages usually include product placement, special deals, or offers together with a link to an e-commerce store.

Mobile Banner Advertising

Much like the internet and banner ads, a popular form of mobile marketing is mobile banner ads. These adverts are placed within mobile apps and games and work in a similar way. Users can click on the ads whilst on their favourite game or app and be taken to a new website. This is popular as it can appeal to any target audience and doesn’t require as much content as fully fledged website ads.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps themselves are fantastic marketing tools. Many businesses have created complimentary apps that extend the functionality of their products and/or services. These apps may work in conjunction with products and improve a customer’s overall experience and enjoyment.

For example, PC games could have mobile app guides or real estate companies could use apps that allow their customers to easily search for properties.

These are just a few examples of the prominent mobile marketing methods, and there are many more. Smartphones are commonplace in today’s world, and therefore, it is important to try and utilize this type of marketing.

Examples of mobile marketing infographic by KDM digital marketing consultancy

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