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How Are Brands Using AI And Machine Learning?

How Are Brands Using AI And Machine Learning - KDM digital marketing guest post

How Are Brands Using AI And Machine Learning?

Machine learning is one of the cornerstones of artificial intelligence. It is not reserved only for advanced robotics though, as more and more chatbots and everyday applications become more adaptive and responsive without human supervision.

There are several ways to teach machines to perform a certain act and to deal intelligently and appropriately with certain scenarios. One teaching process involves exposing a system to examples many times till the computer begins to learn from them. So, you can feed a computer different pictures of dogs and cats till it can distinguish between both animals by recognizing pixels and patterns.

These two technologies hold so much promise for the world of marketing today. They already provide shoppers with a more meaningful shopping experience by helping with product selection or by resolving their issues.

As the chatbots become more versatile, so will the expectations. Ultimately, consumer expectations are going to get unbelievably high. While this will obviously pose some challenges for brands, it definitely will also present a great opportunity that the smartest brands can benefit from.

Brands Using AI And Machine Learning

Google, for instance, has taken a big step in helping marketers amplify their marketing efforts using AI. The company launched its Pixel phone by employing machine learning, which helped it reach its target audience and engage them.

How? Through a tool called Custom Algorithm.

Custom Algorithm, with the aid of machine learning, helped to analyze how many viewable impressions were purchased on premium placements when used. The tool analyzed historical data and ensured that ads were driven to the relevant audience. The result? Purchases of viewable impressions on premium more than tripled, and CPM dropped by 34%! Impressive!

And there are yet other brands.

Using Google’s TensorFlow, Instacart has been able to develop a machine learning model which helps customers in predicting the fastest and most efficient way to select their items when at the store. This helps to cut down shopping time for shoppers significantly.

Even in the food and drinks industry AI is becoming a commonplace feature. Brands like Coca-Cola use it to reinvent the way their customers interact with their products. With the help of AI, customers can now engage with Coca-Cola’s products more effectively using their smartphones.

Another brand also trailing this path is Walt Disney Co. With what the brand is currently doing, story time can become more fun for you and your munchkin. The company is working with language processing to trigger a soundtrack which will accompany your voice as you read aloud to your kids.

In the future, and even right now, AI and machine learning will help brands to tell their brand stories in newer and more creative ways.

But it’s still left to see just how far brands will push the boundaries using AI and machine learning.

How Are Brands Using AI And Machine Learning - KDM Digital
How brands are using AI and Machine learning. See the full infographic here.

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