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Black Friday Sales – Is your ecommerce site ready?

Black Friday Sales - Is your ecommerce site read _ KDM DIgital marketing consultancy_featured

Now that everyone has recovered from the fright of Halloween. It’s time for businesses to prepare for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and of course, Christmas. If you’re an ecommerce business, then these holidays give you the biggest opportunity to shift your old stock and get hot leads for your business. A report by NRF found that 30% of most retailers annual sales come from holiday shoppers. But, how can your business make the most out of these holidays? Here are 5 ways to prepare your ecommerce website for Black Friday.

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1. Make your Black Friday offers really clear.

There’s no point in hiding your special offers from prospective customers. Black Friday is the perfect time to get new customers to your site and get them buying your products. One of the ways you can accomplish this is by including banners around your website, such as on your homepage, blog and other popular pages. Another great idea is to include a countdown timer at the top of your page. This creates a sense of urgency on your offers and makes customers think that they really need that item. On the same subject, your call to actions should also encourage visitors to make a purchase. Using terms like “Buy now” or “Limited time only offer” can be great. 

2. Offer one-click purchases for the impulsive buyer.

Did you know that impulse purchases represent 40% of all money spent on ecommerce? To encourage more customers to buy impulsively, your purchasing process needs to be quick and simple. Your customers should be able to purchase an item with one click, with the payment information already included from their last purchase. Paypal, Shopify, Apple and Android pay all can enable customers to make one-click purchases. 

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3. Consider geo-targeted adverts.

Geo-targeting is the method of delivering different content to users based on location. While ecommerce websites don’t have a fixed location they can still reach relevant customers through geo-targeted ads. One way to do this is by identifying a major retailer who has a similar customer base to yours.Then target your ads to display within 10 miles of their stores and make sure you target mobile devices. This can target those customers who were thinking about buying from that store, but instead might notice that your offers are better or more convenient for them. And as a bonus tip, you can even time your ads so they only run before the stores are opened. This way to can target all those “deal-hungry” shoppers waiting for the stores to open.

4. Use chatbots, because humans are so last year.

51% of customers say a business needs to be available 24/7 with 46% preferring messaging a business over email (venturebeat, 2016). The two most used chatbots are Facebook messenger with 900 million monthly users and KIK with over 200 million users. Chatbots are brilliant for responding to customer enquiries and making sure their needs are met at hours where your sales team may not be available. Although chatbot technology is not yet perfect to fully respond to all enquiries, it can definitely point customers in the right direction and make them aware of your special offers.

H and M eccomerce chatbot example
80% of businesses want chatbots by 2020 (Business Insider UK, 2016).

5. Use marketing automation to make life easier. 

Black Friday is one of the busiest days for ecommerce sites. You don’t want to miss out on potential sales and leads by focusing your attention on repetitive tasks that can be automated. For example, you could automate your social media posts and schedule your emails beforehand. You can even lower those annoying cart abandonment rates by reminding your customers of the products they left in their shopping cart.

6. Start promoting your offers early. 

Finally to make sure you are ready for Black Friday, make sure you start your promotions early. That might even mean starting before Halloween! A fact that we found shocking was that 40% of holiday shoppers start buying before Halloween. That must be why Amazon’s Black Friday site arrived a whole month before the actual day. The site offered users a new deal every 5 minutes, with the best offers during the 5 days near Black Friday.

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Is your ecommerce site ready for Black Friday?

Here in the UK, Black Friday, along with Cyber Monday are both becoming increasingly popular. This is a massive opportunity for ecommerce sites to dominate, especially with the rise of mobile commerce, chatbots and marketing automation. The future of retail is looking a whole lot brighter for ecommerce. Do you have an ecommerce site? How are you preparing for Black Friday? Comment your thoughts below.

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