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How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Marketing

How artificial intelligence will transform marketing _ KDM DIgital marketing consultancy

There’s been a lot of talk about artificial intelligence this year. With Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Google all announcing their partnership in an AI initiative that benefits people and society. You can see that AI is not something you only hear about in books or on the television. It is a reality. An article in Forbes reported that 53% of marketers plan to adopt artificial intelligence in the next 2 years. With AI technologies expected to become the norm in the future. Marketers need to understand the implications of these developments to their processes and activity. But how exactly is AI transforming marketing and how can businesses use artificial intelligence? Here are 5 ways on how artificial intelligence will transform marketing.

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1. Developing more customer-centric campaigns

If you are still sending out mass-emails to your mailing list then where have you been? It’s no wonder you’re clickthrough and conversion rates are low. Whether you are a B2B or a B2C business, personalisation has always been important. In 2017, we have seen the rise of “hyper-personalisation” in marketing messages. This means not only personalising your email content, but also your website content, landing pages and dynamic advertising to meet the needs of different customer segments.

Marketing automation tools are brilliant at supporting businesses in creating highly personalised content. They can help collect data at various customer touch points, allowing businesses to use this data to predict the future needs and behaviour of their customers. This data can then be used to send relevant content to customers, such as product recommendations, news articles, ebooks and other information they might need to make a purchase.

2. Supporting you in content creation

Artificial intelligence will transform marketing for content creators also. For all those content writers, don’t worry your jobs are safe for now. At the moment we can’t expect AI to write content for you. But there are AI tools out there that enable you to produce useful content for your customer segments and help drive website traffic based on the most searched keywords. An example of a useful tool is “WordSmith”, which is an AI writing tool that helps you create copy based on the most search keywords relating to your business.In the recent years, programs such as Wordsmith have seen a significant growth in users. Last WordSmith generated over 1.5 billion pieces of content for users. While AI is not yet intelligent to write blog posts for you, it does have the power to give you ideas and provide a template for you to work off.

3. Sales team can focus more on selling

Sales teams will really benefit from the advancements in AI. As you may know, most sales teams spend the majority of their time qualifying leads. This takes time away from closing sales and meeting sales goals. In fact, 80% of a sales rep time is spent on average qualifying leads, through phone calls and sending out emails (Destination CRM, 2015). This means only 20% of their time is spent closing sales. AI technology can be used to change the entire sales process by taking over the repetitive tasks of finding, monitoring, categorising and communicating with leads. Allowing your sales team to focus their time and energy on closing sales with leads that are ready to make a purchase. 

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4. Better communication between customers and businesses

Another way that artificial intelligence will transform marketing is through communication. In today’s digital-driven world the majority of customers communicate through their mobile devices and messaging apps. This is where AI tools, such as chat bots can come in really handy. We can’t expect everyone in your team to be available at all times to answer enquiries or complete orders. A chatbot, however, can always work by replying to messages and making your customers feel valued. This could be a vital factor in increasing conversion rates and customer engagement.

5. Help marketers make timely decisions

Many marketers already know that timing is important. But it can be difficult to determine the best time to engage your potential customers and move them along the sales funnel. Using AI driven tools and data can be really beneficial at monitoring activity and pinpointing the right time to send out any marketing messages. For example, instead of emailing everyone at the same time, you can segment your list based on timing and spread your emails out at different times for the best results.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Marketing _ KDM Digital
5 ways artificial intelligence will change marketing. See full infographic here.

Final Thoughts: Artificial intelligence will transform marketing

Most businesses link the rise of AI with the loss of jobs. In actual reality, AI will work alongside humans supporting businesses, in particular, their marketing and sales departments. Marketers will be able to create a whole new customer experience with the help of AI tools and meet customers needs like never before.  The future of marketing is getting a lot more intelligent and data is at the centre of successful marketing. What are your thoughts on AI in the world of marketing? Do you think AI is beneficial or are there any drawbacks? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and colleagues on social media (#KDMDigital).


How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Marketing infographic

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