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Pay Per Click Checklist: 5 essential steps for every PPC campaign

Pay Per Click Checklist 5 essential steps for every PPC campaign _KDM Digital

Traditionally pay per click (PPC) campaigns related to Google Adwords. As platforms like Facebook and Twitter became more advanced, PPC has also developed. Now you can have PPC campaigns, on social media, content, display and of course Google. With the world of PPC continuously expanding it is important to remember the basics of a successful PPC campaign. Especially if you don’t want to waste your budget on low converting campaigns. To help you out we have created the ultimate Pay Per Click checklist including the 5 essential elements for that every PPC campaign needs.

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The Pay Per Click Checklist

Step 1: Research

  • What are you promoting and what actions do you want the user to take?
  • Who are your main competitors online?
  • What makes you different from your competitors.
  • Research related key phrases and keywords.
  • What terms do your buyer persona’s search?
  • Research any related negative keywords.

Step 2: Planning

  • Group your target keywords into smaller groups.
  • Is it better to have one campaign or multiple campaigns?
  • What are your KPI’s?
  • Choose a suitable daily budget.
  • How much are you willing to bid up to for a click on your advert.
  • Is your analytics linked and accurately reporting?

Step 3: Implementation

  • Does your ad copy match the keywords in the group and contain some of the keywords?
  • Is your call to action appropriate?
  • Create a range of ads to containing your main keywords with different creative content.
  • Is your ad going to a suitable landing page?
  • Is the call to action on your landing page suitable?
  • Are you using the correct settings in your campaign?
  • Do you need to set up location targeting?
  • Are you rotating your ads evenly?
  • Monday Mornings best time to launch campaign, so you can monitor throughout the week.
  • Make sure you have two adverts running per ad group to determine better performer.

Step 4: Tracking

  • Have you set up Adwords Conversion tracking?
  • Have you created some goals in Google Analytics?
  • Any daily issues in your click-through rates (CTR) or spend?
  • Adjust your bidding to achieve your desired ad position. Lower your bid on low converting keywords and increase bid on high converting keywords.
  • Pause poor performing ads and keywords.
  • Look out for duplicates or cross-contamination problems.

Step 5: Review

  • See which ads get the most clicks and why.
  • Improve ads by adding all the best performing elements i.e. headlines, CTAs.
  • Use search term reports to find new keyword opportunities.
  • Continue adding negative keywords.
  • How is mobile performing against desktop?
  • Are you reaching your KPI’s?
  • Are high converting ad groups and keywords reaching impressions of over 95%?
  • Improve your landing pages based on A/B tests. You can use identical ads to test new landing pages.

Final Thoughts on PPC Campaigns

Setting up a PPC campaign can be tricky stuff. The most important part of any PPC campaign is reviewing your campaign. This should be done daily, weekly, monthly and even quarterly. It is important to adjust your campaigns to follow the statistics and implement A/B testing to identify your best performers. We hope our pay per click checklist is beneficial in helping you create your next PPC campaign. Have something to say? Comment it below or share it with us on our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page.

If you would like some help with setting up your next pay per click campaign, please contact our digital marketing consultants.

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