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Are you wasting resources on non-converting B2B leads?

Are you wasting resources on non-converting B2B leads?

B2B marketing has to be cost-effective and focused – so instead of chasing an ever-higher volume of traffic, you should focus your activities on qualified lead-generation. And here’s how you do it.

B2B digital marketing is a slow-cooker process; you invest in content to establish a connection, develop a relationship of authority and trust, and eventually convert a lead into a sale.

So imagine how frustrating it is to diligently follow that sequence for weeks or months, only to discover you’ve been warming up the wrong person? Qualified leads only come from clear strategy and communication; and that’s why…

… effective B2B digital marketing is a precision tool.

Yes, I know it’s slow motion, and yes, it takes place via the vast, multi-dimensional internet. But no, it is not random or scatter gun. Used properly, it should be pulling only qualified leads right to your door, people you can confidently invest time in and eventually do business with.

And there are three components to effective, targeted content:

  • Buyer persona: knowing exactly who you need to resonate with and their seniority, responsibilities, accountabilities, pressure points and goals.
  • Industry research: knowing what’s hot and buzzing in your target industries, particularly issues directly affecting your Buyer Persona targets.
  • Strategic content creation: knowing 1) how to engage interest, 2) how to communicate authority and relevance, and 3) how to provide a powerful Call-To-Action that leads them further into your sales funnel.

Together, these form the basis of your successful digital marketing strategy. Because without them you won’t know who you need to reach, how to develop trust, or how to clarify what you’re offering.


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Quality leads come from quality B2B content.

You see, you can have all your digital channels correctly prepared; you can have a rigorous content publishing schedule; and you can have as many user metrics tools in place as you want – but if you don’t say the right things in your content, you won’t attract the right people. It’s not called Content Marketing for nothing!

So, if you’re not getting the leads you need, I suggest you rethink your digital marketing strategy. Start again but this time follow these three steps, and in sequence.

(And if you’re reading this, it shows it works…)

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