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Want to improve your B2B Inbound Marketing?

Want to improve your B2B inbound marketing? - Don't be such a party animal!Want to improve your B2B Inbound Marketing? Then don’t be such a party animal!

You know how the process of creating and posting content generates a fever of anticipation followed by gut-wrenching disappointment? “This is good stuff! If I don’t get results from this, I’m giving up!”

Well, B2B inbound marketing is a slow-burn methodology – incredibly powerful and efficient but only if you learn to pace it and to match that pace to the arena you’re working in – the online community. And this is how you do it…

… the room’s buzzing with desirable and interesting and people. You could easily spend your entire time just working the room and talking to everyone. But then you spot one person who stands out – your ideal ‘type’ – and you stop. How can you talk to that person – and how can you make the right impression so that you can continue talking to that person?

You’ve got to change your tactics

The online world – where your B2B buyers are – is just like that party. All the stereotypes are there – the loud, badly dressed clowns, the opinionated know-it-all, the shy wall-flowers who flirt and then rush off to the loo, the smooth operators in their designers shades…

But you’ve already identified your target. You know who you want to speak to – you’ve just got to make the rest of the room ‘go away’…

And that’s what inbound B2B digital marketing does

It helps separate your prime prospects from the masses, and brings them right to your feet; you get to develop a focused conversation that shuts out the noise and bustle so that they give you their undivided attention.

But of course – you DO need to be at the party. And you DO need to identify your prospects. And you DO need to research them so that you can communicate empathy and earn their trust. You DO need an inbound marketing strategy…

Better inbound results come from better strategy

A lot of B2B digital marketing fails for want of a robust strategy. Without it, your messages are ignored, your voice grows louder to compensate and eventually you just become the Party Bore.

So take some time to review your strategy – or to put one in place! Your inbound strategy will cover everything from how you present yourself online, which ‘social media parties’ you need to attend, which topics you need to have up your sleeve, when to step forward with a conversational opener and when just to hold back and listen.

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