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Grow Your Business Through Digital Marketing

“Your Expert, in your pocket.”

Digital Marketing is the intelligent route to B2B innovation

Q: What drives profitable product and service innovation?

A: Feedback from the marketplace.

Q: And what provides the most up-to- date and accurate feedback?

A: Digital marketing.

It’s true! Smart B2Bs have already put digital at the heart of their marketing; but the really smart ones are now using it to obtain unprecedented market intelligence – and get new products and services to market FIRST. So, why aren’t you?

“I leave all the digital stuff to the marketing team…”

If I had a hundred pounds for every time I hear this! But strategic digital marketing isn’t about keeping up with the competition – it’s about beating it, being out there in front, leading the trends, becoming the established market leader. Let me explain.

Use digital marketing to listen to your customers – and they’ll tell you what they want!

Apple, Tesla, Amazon – they’re innovations, not just brands. But they didn’t happen by accident; they were inspired by real people, real problems and real desires – and all from within the marketplace.

And thanks to the digital revolution and the always-connected customer you can use the same analytical ‘espionage’ to drive your own innovation, whether it’s a brand new concept or some clever repackaging.


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Join the conversation – make new connections

Today’s social media gives you unprecedented insight to the innermost anxieties of your customers. Use it! Join in the chat using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, whichever platform(s) your target B2B client base is using.

Lay stronger reputational foundations

By joining the existing conversation you earn an authenticity that even advertising and brand image combined cannot deliver. You’re genuinely helpful, interested and concerned. You’re listening, not just talking.

Get to market first!

And by encouraging your audience to share their problems you have a head-start in defining the solutions. So when you finally go to market you’ll have overwhelmingly positive and rapid response because you’ve hit bull’s eye, you did it first, and you took your customer base with you.

Sounds easy – so why aren’t more B2Bs doing it?

Some don’t realize that all this market intelligence is there for the taking; others do know but have no idea how to harvest it. Either way, the result is a half-hearted and unfocused ‘dabble’ in digital marketing with no improved sales – and certainly no opportunity for competitive innovation.

That’s why we focus 100% on strategy. We explore the potential for digital to meet a whole range of your market-communication goals, and we then tailor solutions and support to enable you to take your place in the online B2B buyer’s world.

And it all starts with a no-strings digital marketing consultation.

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