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What is a B2B digital marketing strategy? And do you really need one?

All marketing relies on strategy – a focused plan for reaching out to prospects and converting sales. But when we talk to B2B clients about their digital strategy, they often hesitate. Why is this? Is it simply that digital is a bad fit? And is there a hidden cost to rejecting the digital option?

We support a great many B2B marketing managers, so we know just how tough their challenge has become. However, it’s not the threat of steadily dropping performance figures that causes sleepless nights, but the mystery of why this is happening.

And it all stems from a fundamental misconception of how modern digital marketing actually works, and of its absolute necessity in today’s B2B world.

You see, the term ‘digital marketing’ conjures up images of Facebook and Twitter. So it calls to us from the worlds of fashion and lifestyle shopping. And of course it can appear frivolous and irrelevant to the hard world of B2B commerce– until you throw the vital item into the equation…

…the B2B buyer.

So that’s exactly what we do with our clients – we put them in the shoes of their business buyers. We show them how their prospects are not just digitally aware but digitally active as well – and suddenly the potential fit of a digital strategy becomes clear. And so do the enormous benefits too.

Marketing strategies have always been driven by customers, but this always involved guesswork and gambles. Now, thanks to your buyers’ use of digital platforms like Facebook, you can study their behaviour like never before.

In fact, thanks to digital it has never been easier to build up a detailed and accurate route map to the very people you most need to market to.

So, is there a cost to ignoring the digital route? Of course there is. B2B buyers don’t put away their smart phones and tablets just because they’re at work. And they know that the information they can find on the internet puts them at a significant advantage. It has become a buyer’s world. And that world is digital.

You already know your customers’ pressure points; now you need to find out how they’re using the internet to relieve that pressure – and your digital strategy will put you first in the queue with the solution.

Kinetic offers a FREE digital marketing strategy session – no sales pitch, just a frank and confidential examination of your marketing goals and your digital options. 

However, the digital B2B buyer is sophisticated. And that is why your digital strategy comes from analysing the buyer persona like never before, and predicting accurately how they behave online. It is the antithesis of the guesswork and gamble of ‘analogue’ marketing – but that’s what makes it so superior, so effective.

And so an effective digital strategy doesn’t aim to deliver a nicely-balanced mix of content, social media, website and email marketing; it defines the precise mix, however uneven that may be, that will reach the people who want or need what you’re selling.

And we can guarantee that your mix will be different even to your closest competitor’s because it will also include your unique differential messages in it.

But you know what – those lazy marketing agencies were wrong; devising an effective B2B digital strategy is not difficult. What’s more, it will give you the most targeted and effective marketing you’ve ever experienced.

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