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KDM has a range of digital marketing services to help you create a long-term and sustainable digital marketing strategy that suits your business. Our digital marketing services are designed to look at the bigger picture. That means no more one-off social media campaigns or random peaks of content. We make sure you have a long-term strategy that is always delivering for you and your customers.

At KDM we follow the wise words of “Wayne Gretzky” to the core:

“A good hockey player plays where the puck is, but a great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be” – Wayne Gretzky

Yes, we know he’s not a digital marketing guru or even an influencer in marketing. But this quote perfectly sums up digital marketing. To create a winning digital marketing strategy, you always need to be thinking ahead and continuously adapting your approach. At KDM, we have the expertise, tools and experience to get you ahead and increase your sales.

And we’re not finished here! When we have helped our partners create winning digital marketing strategies, we ensure that they are sustainable through our aftercare package. This includes training in different areas and technical support to make sure your success is long term. No more worrying about your digital marketing activities being short-lived.

KDM offer a range of digital marketing services to help you achieve success online.
Digital marketing consulting

Every business needs a plan, but where to start? KDM can help create a winning digital marketing strategy that guarantees increased sales. This includes everything from audits to implementation.

Content Marketing

Never underestimate the power of good content. A good content strategy can get your content in front of a huge audience, increase engagement and leads.


At KDM we understand the importance of search engines in the buyer's journey. That’s why we make sure our content is not only creative but also has high visibility online.

Email Marketing

Who said email was long gone? Our highly targeted and tailored email campaigns will get your customers opening and clicking away.

Marketing Automation

Not all marketing activities are labour intensive. Marketing automation can create a personalised experience without the need for mass time or resources.


With our expert PPC knowledge, you’ll have high-performing pay-per-click advertisements within minutes. Watch your traffic, as well as leads and sales increase.

Social Media

Grow your engagement, audience and lead generation by following our organic and paid social media strategies.

Website Design

We make sure your website is making use of SEO practices and designed well for the end user.

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